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Hearing Aid Review

Here's my review of this year's best hearing aids:

Best "Open Fit" Digital Hearing Aid

Phonak Bolero Q90 with Compiilot Bluetooth, as it is one of the most full featured yet easy instrument for patients to use.  It can be programmed to be automatic and switch programs on it's own when you enter different noise environments or can be controlled by the user via  remote control.  Wireless communication between hearing aids and bluetooth capability.  

Prices range from $2,200-$3,500 each.

Best "
Open Fit" Digital Hearing Aid (Receiver in the Ear):

Phonak Audeo Smart S IX, as it offers cutting edge design, great sound quality and is very cosmetically appealing.  Users can also choose the color of the outer casing of the hearing aid.

One of the smallest hearing aids with wireless capabilities.  Prices range from $2,200-$3,500 each.

Best Entry Level Digital Hearing Aid/Devices you can Purchase Online.

HearPod 32X Micro, which is a very small full featured digital hearing aid, with noise reduction, feedback cancellation, 32 channels, etc that is sold directly to the consumer.  Low costs are a great draw to these.  HearPod devices range from $379 - $1095 each delivered direct to customers.

HearPod Hearing Aids can easily be accessed via this link: 


Disclaimer:  The above review are my opinions and any decision you make should be discussed with your medical doctor, preferrably an ENT doctor and your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.

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